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The new Playstation 4 has bundled of features. Just recently, Microsoft unveiled a 1TB edition of its Xbox One console and it was only a matter of time Sony released it owns 1TB version.

1TB PS4 is set to release next month on July 15 across Europe, and the prices will vary across retailers.

So what’s different? Well, thanks to a new manufacturing process for the AMD x86-64 “Jaguar” core, Sony has managed to produce a more power-efficient machine.

These new models are more of a modification or enhancement rather than an absolutely new “PS4 Slim”, model. In the past, white models have been hard to find and usually come out in one or two countries. As of now, there is no clarification on when the gaming consoles are expected to arrive in the non-PAL territories. It should be pointed out that while the changes are far from drastic the new design does appear to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing, if for no other reason than the picture is indeed centered better on the box than what the first versions showed. Considering how many games at present require sizable installs and how several gamers purchase their games exclusively from the internet, 1TB would help meet their needs, particularly in the multiplayer aspects. For example, Nintendo reps wore Nintendo Power shirts (the now-defunct, long-running magazine published by Nintendo), and they made game announcements for obscure classics finally making their way from Japan to the USA.

Sony pulled out an emergency plug with E3 this year, it showcased all the games that fans have been demanding for ages, it did all it could to make up for the weak holiday season line up.

Sony’s Playstation 4 is getting a great game next year in the form of a dystopian society reeling from the effects of a mysterious darkness, and now being taken over by a herd of mechanical dinosaurs.


p style=”text-align: center;”>New PS4s inbound including a 1TB model


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