PAF to perform in Bucharest International Air Show 2015


Individuals who are enthusiastic about the art of aircraft flying are expected on Saturday for 12 hours of relentless flying at the Bucharest International Air Show 2015, BIAS-2015, where ultra-light airplane, lightweight planes and even military aircraft are relied upon to perform.

Director of the Bucharest Airports Corporation, BIAS coordinator, Valentin Iordache welcomed all the flight buffs to come to BIAS.

IMEhHFY“Tomorrow, there will be many aircraft and airplanes in the Bucharest City’s skies. The official start is at 10:00hrs, while public access starts at 08:00hrs. There will be virtually no break until 22:00hrs, when a concert is scheduled. The most important shows will be performed by the pilots of Turkish Stars, Baltic Bees, US Air Force, Royal Air Force, Pakistan’s Air Force, which means guests from three continents complete with their equipment, the air units of Romania’s Interior Ministry and Intelligence Service and, at the end, the Romanian Air Club, which will display its best, along with Acrobatic Icarus,” said Iordache.

This was the first time ever in the history, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Super Mushak air ships went to Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS 2015) in Romania.

Air Marshal Javaid Ahmed headed unexpected of PAF Mushak in the global flying demonstration where Pakistani Mushak planes staggered a great many crowds through stunning flying abilities, PAF representative said. It is important that Super Mushak planes are being utilized by different nations essentially for preparing purposes.

The aviation weekly has confirmed that two female Pilots from Pakistan Air Force will fly the MFI-17 Super Mushak aircraft at the air show this weekend.



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