‘Moor’ and ‘Dekh Magar Pyar Say’ to be released on Independence Day


The trailer of Jami’s film Moor made an instantaneous impact on the movie theater going audience and on social media when it first got out about two years ago. The snowcapped highlands of Balochistan showcased in the trailer depicted a new perspective of the embattled state.

The movie looked promising. Yet, much like “Waar” and many other Pakistani films, so much time has elapsed between the hype (trailer) and the release, one nearly has to revive the memory of the trailer that got us interested in the first post.

A couple of years of prediction and unsettled dates of release later, Moor is finally slated to hit cinemas on August 14. The film’s official Facebook page had a post stating ‘4th June Press Conference for 14th August launch’ and the news was also sustained by the film’s PR company. Only this time it’ll be joined by Asadul-Haq’s Dekh Magar Pyar Say (DMPS). The needless delay in Moor’s release has made the producers and distributors in the spine. So many Pakistani films are lined up for release on Eid that August 14 seems to be the only possible option given for both Moor and DMPS. But since Independence Day is falling on a Friday this year, the films will benefit from a long weekend, giving moviegoers three consecutive off days for entertaining themselves.


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