Market Prices Will Be Controlled During Ramadan

The Punjab industries secretary was directed by Muhammad Farrukh Irfan Khan, Justice of the Lahore High Court to submit a report today (Friday) about the government’s actions to control prices of edible items during the holy month of Ramadan.

Judge pointed to an additional advocate general to ensure submission of the report till Friday as the court required to know what steps had been hired by the government to protect the citizens from black marketers, hoarders and profiteers. During the proceedings on Thursday expressed displeasure over the act of secretary industries for not submitting a report near the government’s activities to manipulate costs. A judge earlier had sought report of the secretary, but the secretary or any congressman of the department appeared. Judge was hearing a petition moved by Judicial Activism Panel chairman Muhammad Azhar Siddique submitting that at-least during the holy month of Ramazan, prices of daily used commodities are taken to be at nominal level but the perpetrators who are actively involved in hoarding and blackmailing were responsible for prices hike.

He stated that on account of the month of Ramadan, prices of daily used commodities are at one time again operating out of control of common humanity. He took that massive hoarding, black-marketing and profiteering by traders for the month of Ramadan and government’s failure to manipulate prices of essential goods. He stated that in the western rural areas at the advent of this holy month, prices of the commodities are brought to a nominal level, but unfortunately, it is not the case in Pakistan and every year in the month of Ramadan, prices go high and eventually the Holy Month passes for common adult male with extreme problem and hard knocks.

He pronounced that the federal and provincial governments had badly failed to control and monetary values of essential commodities and could not pick up the hoarding and black marketing of essential food products. He stated that to furnish the essential trade goods to the citizens at a reasonable price was the organic duty of both the government, but so far these governments had no concern with the distress of the masses due to the price rise. He stated that the wheat, sugar, corn, cabbage, fruits and vegetables are basic necessities of the masses, but the regimes are unable to hold the price of these essential commodities, which had constituted the life of common man miserable.

He requested to lead the government to file justification and explanation for their failure, as they could not control the monetary values of the daily used commodities at-leas during the month of Ramadan and eventually the whole burden shifts upon the coarse human. He too requested to issue guidance to the secretary industries for placing before this court the mode and manner and mechanism of securing and checking the prices of goods.


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