Jack or Yusuf: Pirates of the Caribbean is based on a real Muslim pirate.


Yes, you heard it right. Captain Jack Sparrow (a.k.a Yusuf Reis) in the famous film sequence “Pirates of the Caribbean,” is based on a real Muslim pirate!

His genuine name was Jack Ward and he was otherwise called “Jack Birdy”. He was conceived in the United Kingdom and grew up on the docks. Ward became a british naval officer and then a corsair supported by the Crown of England. After being betrayed by the same crown, he became a dreadful pirate  He fled with his crew after he converted to Islam in the late 16th century.

History says he absconded to Tunisia where he fixated on little birds amid his time there, and local people would call him Jack Asfour.  In Arabic asfour stands for sparrow, and that is the rationale behind the name “Jack Sparrow.”

After the renunciation of his former religion and conversion to Islam, he changed his name to Yusuf Reis. He later married Jessimina the Sicilian who was also a newly convert.

Jack Birdy was known as a big boozer, however he quit drinking when he changed over to Islam. He assumed an essential part in safeguarding many Spanish Jews and Muslims escaping the Moriscos and Conversos removal from their properties during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Even though Captain Birdy or Yusuf Reis had a few Hollywood movies based on fiction would be astounding if somebody somehow happened to bring his genuine, real life story to the wide-screen!


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