Body Turned Into a Keyboard by Google Patent

On June 30, Google acquired a patent for definite arrangements of its most recent development: a gadget which extends a console onto a body part, for example, a hand or lower arm, and uses a camera to make an interpretation of the finger developments into keystrokes.
As per the portrayal of the proposition, the laser and the camera may be introduced in a gadget that sounds much like its Google Glass item, which kept running into inconvenience this year after grumblings from clients of migraines, and from the overall population about protection concerns because of its inherent camera.
“The laser projector may be mounted on an arm of a couple of eyeglasses and the camera may be mounted on an inverse arm of the eyeglasses. The processor may further be mounted on the eyeglasses and coupled to the laser projector and/or camera.”
“A laser example for a virtual information gadget can be anticipated onto a hand of the client, and the client may utilize an inverse hand to choose things of the virtual data gadget.”
Composed Google in its patent application, which was recorded in June 2012.



The keyboard on body parts thought is not Google’s first for a virtual keyboard; in March the tech organization was recompensed a patent for the innovation of a virtual keyboard that uses sound sensors to recognize the development of clients’ fingers on a level surface.
Called “touch writing emulator for a level surface,” the item join with a PC by means of USB and uses acoustic sensors to recognize writing, however requires its clients to be capable in touch writing.


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