Yasir Nawaz upcoming flick deemed vulgar


Yasir Nawaz Baloch, a well known face in the entertainment industry is all set to make a debut with his film, Wrong No. Nevertheless, the comedy flick is targeted as being vulgar and adjudged to be damaging to morality and cultural values.

Recently, after being asked if his movie is a suitable for family, he said  “Of course it is a family entertainer. If you can take your family to watch PK, Dil Dhadakne Do and Queen; you can watch Wrong No. with them as well,” the Express Tribune reported.


Few days earlier, Gohar Rasheed a renowned actor criticized his movie for containing vulgar content. In a Facebook post which was deleted later he wrote, “Saw the trailers of some upcoming Pakistani films, some are great and some are pathetic and over here am talking to all those pathetic film makers, writers, producers don’t think that our audience is stupid they are much more intelligent and smarter then your cheap punch lines… Spending money and having GHATIYA comedy in the name of slap stick is not what you call a film even slap stick have some limits but you guys have crossed all of it shame on you!!![sic].

While his counterpart Hamza Ali Abbasi also appeared to have indirectly targeted the movie in his fresh Facebook post. He wrote, “Back in 2012, when very few people believed in it, I believed in the emerging new cinema of Pakistan. 2013 saw the revival of Pakistan Cinema. But now, in 2015, I see this newly revived cinema of Pakistan going in a very wrong direction. I too sadly became part of this wrong direction… which I regret.”

Yasir Nawaz responded his critiques with a rebuttal, he said, “When we started writing the film even then we knew we would get good reviews, and we will come across bad people. But the best thing about a making a film is that it’s either a hit or a flop. Either way you find out if the audience liked it or not.”


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