Pakistan Army considers Oplot MBT over the MBT 3000

According to the sources, the Oplot MBT (main battle tank) has been considered over the MBT 3000. It is official that Pakistan will not pursue the MB-3000. Pakistan Army was evaluating both tanks at Firing Ranges in Bahawalpur.

The Oplot MBT (main battle tank) is a tracked battling vehicle that elements a superior fire-power, reliable protection and high mobility.

The tank is planned to demolish a wide range of ground and low-flying low-speed air targets under the conditions when the enemy fires back. The vehicle can satisfy an extensive variety of battle missions under different climatic, weather and terrain conditions in the ambient temperature range of -40 to +55 degrees Centigrade, air humidity of up to 98% at temperature of +25 degrees Centigrade, height above sea level of up to 3000m and with ambient air dust content available in real terrain conditions.

Pakistan would create Opolot-M under TOT with 60% of the spare parts will be produced locally. Pakistan Army may choose more propelled motor 6td-3 over the standard 6td-2e6.



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