Google Planning To Use The Photos Of Our Food In a Much Better Way!

The matter of taking photographs of your food is large to the point that there’s even a snappy term to depict it 5— “foodography.”

Google attempted to take advantage of the foodography drift prior this year with an experimental feature appended to Google+ called Tablescape. The food-centered social network just got to the testing stage and was closed before the launch.

Presently Google is trying another Google Maps highlight that gives you a chance to attach certain photographs to the spot where they were taken, Android Police reports. The feature will let the users know when Maps has discovered another photograph taken at an open place that may intrigue others. It will then offer to append that photograph to the area so different users can see it.

At this moment Google is revealing the element to its “Nearby Guides” — individuals, who compose reviews of the spots where they eat, drink or shop for Google. Android Police got an email conveyed to controls who have contributed more than 50 reviews to the Local Guides program. The email notice warnings that “appear after you’ve taken a photograph out in the open places that Google believes are intriguing to other individuals, similar to eateries and bars.”

It doesn’t really determine that just photographs of food will be pointed out, so the anonymous feature may append different snaps to Maps as well. It also calls for the guides to transfer photographs of their “amazing dinners” however, so it’s safer to say that on the off chance that it ever goes live the feature will be decently food-centered.



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