Expert Crowdsourcing with Flash Teams

For the past many years now, computers and online working is a major aspect of any workforce. The relationship dynamic among organizations have shifted to include the influence of technology. People working in an organization are not just associated with one another physical, there is a presence of cyber relationships. And it’s not a recent phenomenon anymore. It’s been present for years and years now. Computers and online medium has changed the perception of work and communication.

A recent study conducted by Stanford university researchers about how complex independent work can be done effectively by applying ‘flash team’ concept. The study “Expert Crowdsourcing with Flash Teams” describes flash teams as structure expert crowd work to enable users to complete complex and interdependent projects (e.g., web design). Flash teams are formed through Foundry, a web platform that collects workers and supervises them as they follow a structured workflow defining each task and how workers interact.

As the study indicates there are certain risks and advantages listed with this kind of work design. One of the plus point of this type of work is that the work is done in an expert manner because the best people from all major field are included in a group manner. It enhances the quality of work and gets the job done in a shorter period of time span. The risks are present like dropping out rate and managing different people from different time zones. But more and more companies and organizations are adapting flash teams for getting work done in a quicker effective manner.


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