Climate Change: Increase Awareness through Education

Climate change is now an established impact factor that is contributing towards a lot of recent changes happening in our society. As previously believed it is now not just associated with geography and health, climate change is a global phenomenon influencing all major aspects of human existence on earth in one way or another.

A recent research was conducted among almost 100 countries, using data from the 2007-2008 Gallup World Poll. The purpose of the research was to identify elements that influence awareness of climate change all around the world. Education was found to be the factor linked with climate change awareness. Educated individuals tend to have more information about climate change as compared to uneducated individuals. Indicating that developed countries have an increase in knowledge about temperature and climate change as compared to developing countries.

This information is very useful while forming a management plan for climate change. The first step to deal with this problem is to, increase the awareness about the issue at hand. Certain programs can be designed to be implemented in schools and colleges internationally about the risks of climate change. Because climate change and its hazardous effects are not a problem of just one country or nation, it’s affecting all and a combined resilience can help manage it. For developed countries, planet safety behavior lists can be formulated and distributed to enhance individual helping behavior in saving earth. It also help in clearing misconceptions about climate change and increase people’s responsiveness towards such issues.


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