Boy Found in Park Swing Died of Cold, Thirst

How very bad. The autopsy of the precious tiny boy who was found dead after being pushed on a swing for two days straight, has come back.

A neighbor who noticed the mother and son at Wills Memorial Park in La Plata, Maryland the night before called the police.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined 3-year-old Ji’Aire Donnell Lee died of dehydration and hypothermia, according to a press release from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

A medical examiner’s office has ruled that Ji’Aire’s death was a homicide.

The child’s grandmother Vontasha Simms earlier said: “Romechia would never harm my grandson in any type of way”.

The boy and his mother had been in the park since Wednesday morning and were there until police were called on Friday after witnesses reported seeing a woman pushing a child on a swing for an unusually long time.

The Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office will review all the information deputies have gathered during the investigation and “will make a decision in terms of charges”.

The Post reports that the 24-year-old who had previously suffered a mental breakdown, then stayed in the park for almost 44 hours, enduring temperatures as low as 10 degrees. Not long after that, she jumped out of a moving cab with their son in tow. The boy had no obvious signs of trauma, the office said. “He was walking with no socks, jacket open, in his pajamas”.

It has also emerged that Ji’Aire’s father was concerned about his son’s welfare and the couple had agreed to joint custody of the boy just days before his death. In her written response, Romechia Simms acknowledged that she’d had a breakdown but said that she’d recovered. The grieving father said the system needs revision to focus on the “fitter” parent. And Lee responded, “There’s no one unfit”.

Arguing to keep custody of him just two months before the tragedy, Ms Simms promised the court:”I will always ensure that he is put first and properly cared for”, she wrote.


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